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Early Medical Professional Adopters

Who is MBICircle Early Adopter?

Medical Professional in Health care who joins MBIcircle. Advertisers can create and publish Health Information through Communitty journal tools and Surveys; post on SEs and Social Media with one click as well as collaborate with their collogeaues via Community Wellness Cards' discussion & Groups feature.
Who is MBICircle SocialMediaAssistant ? Manages social media creation and communications for Medical Professionals. Assist with Engaging in social media presence on social media and more...
How do I create a Community Wellness Card Ad ? Placement using "Social Cards"

Sign up, create Community Welllness Cards, place and share it on mbicircle Search Engine, your board, and on your social space.

iPhone: To install one on iOS or iPadOS, use supported browser and load the site, choose the Share up-arrow at the bottom of the screen, and select Add to Home Screen.

What are "Social Cards" ?
All-In-One cards

MBICircle "patent pending" Telehealth Cards, which include text, video, Refrence URLs, images, telemedicine tools, contact, analytics, social media sharing, and more...
What are Community Wellness Cards ?
Innovatice medical information collaboration
Sign up, create Community Wellness Cards, place and share it on mbicircle Search Engine, your board, on your social space.
Zoom, Facetime, and Google Meet- simple and secure
patients, colleagues, and clients can join you virtually through Facetime or Zoom or Google Meet.
Who is a member ? (subscribes for Free) Medical Professional or Patient or anyone who isinterested in Medical Information (products, services,technology, jobs) who joins MBIcircle for Free. Nembers can discover and save community Wellness Cards as well as join the discussion to add their views, and more...
Who is MBICircle SearchAssistant ? A Virtual Search Agent who takes your search list (your selected categories and locations) and returns the results to your mySearcher Inbox
Who is my searcher ? Discovers your interests in forms of Social Cards, "All-In-One" Community Wellness Cards
What is my interests ? Select Multiple categories and zips for SearchAssistant
What is my clipboard ?
Save the Community Wellness Cards ( to share and discuss.)
How do you help Advertisers with the Ad Compaigns ? Contact Client Support Team
Explain the Facebook Ad Campaigns Setup & Management service ? Contact Client Support Team
How do I get a Free Facebook Business page ? Contact Client Support Team
How do I get a Free Custom video marketing?
Contact Client Support Team
How do I add comment for Community Wellness Cards?
Sign up as a member or an adveriser ; as you discover Healthcare Community Wellness Cards ; click on Discussion link which takes you tothe right section on the back of the Community Wellness Card to add your views. Please try to be fair and cite your resources.
How do I manage the discussions for my Community Wellness Cards?
Sign up as an Adveriser and add or reply to the discussion - if any inappropriate discussion has been made, please report it to us ASAP - meanwhile, we give you control to expire any of your Community Wellness Cards that you discover being unfairly commented on -Any members or adverisers who violates the MBICircle terms and conditions will be kindly removed from our site immediately!